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'R Garden now has a blog. To keep up to date with what is going on at the garden please check out our blog.


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An easy gift for any occasion a cheese box of homemade goodies from your local farmer.

'R Garden

"Food Miles" for 'R vegetables & plants

'R to NBFM 3.8 miles

'R to Oriental 33.9 miles

'R to OnslowFM 44.5 miles

Then to your plate!

Places to get 'R Garden plants. CLICK HERE


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Check pictures often, I'm always adding new ones. I'm a photoholic!


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Farmers Market Calendar

New Bern

Farmers Market

3/11 ArtWalk

4/9 SpringFest11

4/30 Herb Day


Farmers Market

2/9 Opening Day

4/23 Spring Garden Celebration


More & more people are wanting to either grow their own vegetables or at least know where they come from. Being able to meet the farmers who actually grow their vegetables and talk to them is one thing you can only get at a Farmer's Market! Every thing effects the growing of produce. Asking your farmer questions about what's coming off in their garden is a great way to get to know what is going on in the local gardens where you live. See ya at the Market!


Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They

probably get jet-lagged, just like people. 

~Elizabeth Berry

Garden News


Willis and his beekeeping certificate.



'R Garden Kitchen
'R Garden Kitchen

Click Here for list of what is coming out of the kitchen!


 What we're pick'n!


Plant Lists


What 'R customers are saying!

Hi Kitty, just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the fresh lettuce.  Every year I am, again, surprised by the great flavor of fresh lettuce after a winter of "store bought" green stuff!  Just wanted to say thanks for raising it since I spend all my garden energy on flowers...

Robin & Stephen Duncombe (the tomato pie lady) & farmers market customer

Hi, Kitty.
Your figs were a hit, again. We had one customer just order a bowl of them with some feta cheese. They were that good.
Earlier today, I was talking up your B&B Pickled Squash. I was telling them that I built a sandwich around them, our Pork Tenderloin, Brie Cheese, Your Pickled Squash, Dijon Mustard on Swiss Chalet's Ciabatta bread.
Thanks for putting us on your website.
Lee Thomas
What better customer approval can you get!?

"That buzzing-noise means something. If there's a buzzing noise, somebody's making a buzzing-noise, and the only reason for making a buzzing-noise that I know of is because you're a bee. .... And the only reason for being a bee that I know of is making honey..... And the only reason for making honey is so as I can eat it." Winnie the Pooh



Mom & I in our Easter Bonnets





View from our booth at the

Farmer's Market one

Saturday morning.


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A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except how to grow in rows.

Greenville Master Gardner’s News Letter



More of Mother Natures Art



What does "food miles" mean?


What does determinate or indeterminate tomatoes mean???



What we're Pick'n!



Eggs Ž


Smoked, Dried &

Ground Peppers



Smoked Dried



Local Honey


Carolina Grits™









Willis & Deuce

Grampy & Ehdoorah


Somebody has to do the mowing around here!
A beautiful basket of veggies from 'R


What? I was not digging!

That's what we thought too!



The "Chick Magnet" and his girls.



More to come!

Check back soon!

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